eric van der winden

1) How to get from a Digital Smile Design to a strong and esthetic restoration.
2) When can we use half monolithic restorations.           3) How to avoid chipping.

Lecture on 17th June 2023, in the morning

Ceramists all over the world are working very hard to satisfy their clients and patients. Despite all our efforts, when we look at the results of systematic reviews on 5 years survival rate of feldspathic veneers and Nano-fluorapatite glass-ceramics fired on pressed copings, we can expect around 5 to 6% failure.
In a search for longtime happiness for clients, patients and technicians, Eric will share his ideas and techniques how to create safe and esthetic restorations.
Digital Smile Design will be used as a guideline.


Dental technician since 1979.  
Best student “van Hamond prijs” 1985. 
Owner esthetics specialized laboratory in Laren 1993-2001. 
Member Willi Geller’s international Oral design group since 1996. 
Winner best training company SVGB 1999. 
Co-founder laboratory/training center Oral Design Center Holland since 2001. 
International lecturer, giving courses and presentations since 1989.