Kenji uchiumi

Consideration of zirconia prosthesis in esthetic prosthetics 

Lecture on 16th June 2023, in the afternoon



It has already been 30 years since I became a dental technician. Thirty years ago, when I was dreaming and hoping to become a dental technician, I longed to be here in Germany.
 I was fascinated by the title "Meister", which is given to those who have mastered their craft, and the way of life.
I was fortunate enough to be able to experience clinical practice as a dental technician in Switzerland 20 years ago. I was surprised and troubled by the differences between Switzerland and Japan, and the things I learned still seem like a dream. 

What is the most important thing for me in my daily clinical work?

The most important thing for me in my daily clinical practice is "to always face my patients sincerely, achieve the best results within the given conditions, and enrich their lives.
To achieve this goal, we must be well versed and skilled in materials and main techniques.
In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to be familiar with materials and main techniques and to acquire proficient skills.
In aesthetic dentistry, there are several factors that must be considered in order to create a prosthesis that is indistinguishable from or better than a natural tooth.
The elements to create a prosthetic that is indistinguishable from or better than a natural tooth in cosmetic dentistry are the same as those used to create a metal crown. These are brightness, saturation, hue, and texture. 

As for our evaluation, we often judge the quality of a prosthetic based solely on photographs taken with a camera using a flash. 

However, in our living environment, light levels are constantly changing, and it is important to fabricate prosthetics that can respond to these changes as well as possible.
How these elements are incorporated and expressed in zirconia restorations is a question that needs to be answered. 

With the evolution of materials, various methods are being used, and although it is subjective, I have to ask myself what is the best prosthetic I can do. I would like to explain what is the best prosthetic material that I can make. 


1973. Born in Chiba , Japan

         1993. Obtained a dental technician license
         1994. Graduated from International Dental  Academy
         1995. Worked at International Dental Academy
         1999. Worked at Willi Geller dental laboratory
         2001. Became a member of oral design
         2004. Established a Dental laboratory oral design KEN