Ricky Lee

Surface (Texture and Lustres) - Final steps of the restorations

Lecture on 16th June 2023 in the morning

Understanding the textures and adjust the lustres to mimic the neighbour teeth
     - How to see the textures and lustres
     - What tools to use
     - where we can get the surface information in daily cases
     - How to apply those information into my restorations




Ricky is a registered dental technician who studied in Japan under the mastership of Yasuhiro Odanaka and Shigeo Kataoka. From 2006 to 2012 Ricky worked under the mentorship of Brian Walters of Dentogenics. He then worked from 2013-2016 within the in-house laboratory of Sydney Dental Specialists and he opened his laboratory , Ricky Lee Dental Atelier, in North Sydney in 2016.
In 2019, Mr. Willi Geller selected IL KI RICKY LEE to be a member of Oral Design.