Rolf Schug

Total prosthetics rethought

Lecture on 17th June 2023, in the afternoon

In many laboratories, total prosthetics tends to be neglected – not so with Rolf Schug. He has been an enthusiastic full prosthetist for many years and demands for his special field: maximum expression with minimum effort! His topic: beautiful full dentures that really work. Rolf Schug will show step by step what possibilities modern full prosthetics offer and how important a perfect impression is.


Rolf Schug completed his training in the Rhein-Sieg district in 1978 as the best in the guild with the journeyman's examination. He went through all departments in his company with a focus on implantology, was already a partner in 1989 and has been running a medium-sized laboratory ever since. In 2008 he got to know stable base prostheses during a further training course and immediately recognized the diverse possibilities that this technology has compared to conventional total prostheses. Since then, many patients have been able to enjoy dentures with a perfect fit after long ordeals.